Enjoy a Basket of Fresh Produce

Our baskets are a collection of the freshest produce we can find, curetted each week to give you variety, save your time, and support local farmers.

Know Your farmer

Know the farmer who is producing the products you wish to buy before buying them.

100% Natural/Organic Produce

Get pesticide and chemical free Naturally grown or organic Vegetable, Fruits and Millets.

Affordable Prices

Our products are available at reduced prices compared to those at usual organic markets.

Door Step Delivery

We offer door step delivery every Saturday & Sunday for the convenience of our customers.

Choose a Basket of Farm Fresh Produce

Our baskets are organized every week based on the availability of the products to offer you variety. They are designed to be sufficient enough for small, medium and large families. You can customize the baskets according to your choice every week to get exactly what you want.

Weekly Box

Small Basket

Small veggie box is designed to cater the needs of a small family of two people. You can customize the box by adding other items you require.

Our Process

We enroll the farmers who are following Organic, ZBNF or Natural Farming practices after visiting their farms and enquiring, to confirm their genuineness.

We place the list of products available with us along with the farmer details, on our website and app and take orders from customers from thursday to Monday(10.30am) for Wednesday delivery and from Monday to thursday (10.30am) for Saturday delivery.

Based on customer orders we procure the products from the farmers every Tuesday and Friday. We pack the items orderwise and get them ready for delivery.

We deliver the orders to our customers door step on every Wednesday and Saturday to make it convenient for them.


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Preserve the environment

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GoFarmz provides genuine organic and naturally grown food products by collaborating with the farmers who are following organic or zbnf farming practices, while letting the consumers know who is producing the food they are eating.