Benefits of Locally Grown Food

Buying locally grown vegetables and fruits is always beneficial for the farmer, consumer and the community as a whole.
If we have an option of buying locally grown food, then there is nothing better than that. There are many advantages, a few of which are mentioned below.
1.Sustains its flavor.
If the food is grown locally, the crops are picked at their peak of ripeness, or at the right time when they are tender and good to eat. They are immediately supplied to you after the harvest without much delay which retains their freshness. As the foods reach you within 24hours of harvest, the flavor of the food can be enjoyed to the fullest
2.Helps you eat seasonal food.
Even though we wish to have peas throughout the year, we may not get them fresh in every season. As a result we need to go for frozen peas which lack that fresh flavor. But if we pick up the food which is grown in that particular season through the local farmers, we get the fresh flavor and rich nutrition and also the exact taste of that food item can be experienced.
3.Is more nourishing.
As the local food takes a shorter time between harvest and your table, you can be sure that the nutrient values of the food are completely intact. Whereas food imported from other areas, would travel for a longer periods in containers, and becomes old and loses nutrition and flavor by the time it reaches you. Also added preservatives sometimes may take a call on your health.
4.Helps increase the local economy
The money which you spend on the local food, stays with the local farmers and hence helps in growing the local economy which is in turn is re-invested in your very own area which would increase the business and services in your community.
5.Maintains the environment healthy
By purchasing locally grown food, you help to maintain the green farm lands all around your surrounding communities which would help a healthy environment to develop.
6.Can know the farmer who is growing your food
Purchasing local food helps you know the farmer who is growing you food and you can interact with them to check what practices of cultivation they are following. When you know where your food comes from and who grew it, you know a lot more about that food.