Health Benefits Of Mangoes

1. Mangoes produce collagen proteins inside the body as they contain high amounts of Vitamin A and C. This collagen helps protect blood vessels and the connective tissues of the body, which slows down the natural aging process. Hence mangoes can be termed as anti-aging food.
2. As mangoes are rich in beta-carotene which is a powerful carotenoid, they help to enhance the immune system and make it unreceptive to bacteria and toxins. Excess beta-carotene is transformed to vitamin A inside the body. This vitamin A helps in fighting against the free radicals which harm the internal systems.
3. We here that diabetic patients should and must totally avoid mangoes. But research is going on in this area and few outcomes say that it is not completely true. Few of the studies say in fact , that mangoes are natural remedy to diabetes. Mango leaves are also helpful in curing diabetes is what we here now. Place 10 to 15 mango leaves in warm water and close it with a lid. Leave it over night. Filter out the leaves and drink that water in the morning, empty stomach. Practicing this regularly helps control the sugar levels.
4. Mangoes help fight heat strokes but the raw ones. The juice of a raw mango mixed with water and some sweetener reduces heat in the body.
5. One cup of sliced mangoes supplies 25 percent of needed daily value of vitamin A, which promotes eye sight and prevents night blindness and dry eyes.
6. With a bowl of mangoes you can be away from asthma attacks. As vitamin c might have beneficial effects in certain cases of asthma and mangoes are an excellent source of it, we can say that mangoes can be used to treat asthma.
We can go on and on with the benefits of mangoes like this. As the season is on now, try to relish as many mangoes as you can before they disappear for a year. Happy Mango season!