Market Place For Organic Farmers and ZBNF Farmers

Gofarmz is established with an intention of being beneficial to the farmers who are practicing Organic, Natural or ZBNF modes of farming and the consumers who wish to switch towards organic food but are worried about the high costs in the market.

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Why Us

The organic farmers, who we interacted with, were facing problem in marketing and selling their produce and are bound to sell the naturally grown products with the same cost as conventional ones.

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to follow the natural farming practices and the returns they are getting from the produce is not matching their efforts. This is discouraging the farmers to continue natural cultivation and is tending towards making them shift to conventional methods again.

As the products are rated high in the market, even the consumers are not affording to spend so much on food though they know it is healthy.

To increase the demand, the cost is to be reduced for the consumers and to increase the production the farmer should be given a reasonable price for his supplies.

This can be done only when the middle man doesn’t carry on intention of gaining huge profits from his business. We at Gofarmz, as middle men, are ready to provide the farmers a reasonable price and supply the consumers in the lowest possible cost, by just adding the packing and delivery expenses.

This would surely encourage the consumers to switch to organic or naturally grown products as they are able to get them at almost at the same price as conventional products. This would in turn increase the demand and hence the farmers would get ready to produce more without any inhibitions of their crop being sold for small pennies.

We welcome interested farmers who are following natural, zbnf or organic farming, to collaborate with us and share your produce as we offer reasonable price for your products. To summarize, the farmers would be benefitted in the following way

Benefits for Farmer

  • Get reasonable price for your produce
  • Need not go to market to sell your product; instead we will come to your farm to collect it.
  • No delay in payments
  • You would get a satisfaction that the product is reaching the prospective customers and is not getting wasted.
  • You can share your ideas with the fellow farmers who are there in our network which would help in the growth of your business.
  • As we disclose your identity through our website and app you would gain popularity in the consumer circle as well which would in turn help in your business.