Our Story

Our Story

We started GoFarmz as a solution for the people like us who are looking for ways to reduce chemical content in the food we eat.

A thought to benefit the farmer who is producing organic food products as well as the consumers who seek to eat healthy at affordable prices led us to form GoFarmz.

GoFarmz- Know your farmer is established with an intention to encourage growth and intake of organic products. As many farmers who are doing contemporary farming are in fact getting aware of the importance of Organic cultivation and Natural farming, but are hesitant to adapt those methods, we wanted to go in aid of them. We wanted to provide those farmers who are producing organic food or following ZBNF or natural methods of cultivation without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, a market place to sell their products for fair enough prices.

When we had an interaction with such farmers, they helplessly said that they had to sell organic products at normal market price those it took them lot of efforts to get the crop out. Also the consumers complained that the cost of organic and natural products which they are getting in the markets is too high and hence can’t afford to buy, also they say that they can’t be sure of the authenticity of the products which are available in the market, claiming to be organic.

To give an answer to all these concerns, we at GoFarmz took an initiative. We are a small group of software developers who are basically into website and mobile app development business. But we possess a passion of cultivating healthy organic food as we come from a farming back ground. As we are aware of the concerns regarding organic production and market in the present society, we wanted to go in aid of the farmers as well as consumers.

We started collaborating with farmers who are following organic, Natural or ZBNF practices of cultivation after checking the authenticity by visiting their farms and making sure that they are 100% genuine.

We collect products from these farmers every week and place them on our website for sale in the farm of Vegetable, Fruit and Millet baskets. We display the information of the farmer who is cultivating the particular product for every item that is placed in our website. This is to assure the consumers that all the products are 100% naturally grown or organic certified.

Coming to the concern of high prices, as we are passionate to do our best for the benefit of the society, we are not collecting any profits as such but would be selling the vegetables for the prices we get from the farmers by just adding the delivery costs to it. Hence, you may get the products for almost the same price as normal contemporary products.

We are also providing the door delivery facility to the consumers every week end. Orders placed from Sunday to Thursday would be delivered every coming Saturday and Sunday of that particular week. That is, the orders will be closed two days before the delivery. In case you wish to cancel the order or do any modifications to the baskets you can do that by Thursday every week.

We invite you all to join our GoFarmz family to benefit yourself with a healthy life and for the benefit of farmers who wish to grow chemical free food. Let us together work towards a healthy and better society and save ourselves and our planet Earth from the jaws of harmful chemicals.

GoFarmz provides genuine organic and naturally grown food products by collaborating with the farmers who are following organic or zbnf farming practices, while letting the consumers know who is producing the food they are eating.