Natural Cold Pressed Ground Nut Oil 1litre

Description : This Natural Cold Pressed Groundnut Oils are from Anantha Naturals collective. It is completely produced by Natural, Chemical-free groundnuts using low RPM method preserving the nutrients, aroma and taste. Highly recommended for Indian cooking. No preservatives added, nil chemical treatment.

Anantha Naturals is working towards promoting Zero Budget Natural Farming (Desi cow based methods by Padmashri Sri Subhash Palekarji) and Ecologically Sustainable Agriculture through innovative systems, education and through favorable marketing of natural farming produce. Who are we: We are a team of ZBNF farmers and professionals from various sectors like IT, Engineering, Finance and Service. We are all from agriculture families and have passion to revitalize agriculture. We are working full time to make agriculture a profitable, dignified and joyable occupation especially for small and marginable farmers.

Price: Rs. 260.00

Expected Delivery 18th May- 20th May

Available Units : 33

Unit Value : 1 Litre


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